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121 Reform Judaism - Essays by Hebrew Union College Alumni
HUC, 1949, OH. Very good-. Bernard Bamberger: Introduction; Levi Olan: Rethinking the Liberal Faith; Joshua Liebman: New Trends in Reform Jewish Thought; Solomon Freehof: Reform Judaism & Prayer; Beryl Cohon: Conservative & Reconstructionist Judaism as Seen by a Reform Rabbi; Morris Lieberman: Religion of the Jewish Veteran; Nathan Perilman: Where are Our Youth?; Leon Fram: Reform Judaism & Zionism: A Zionist Interpretation; & David Wice: A Non-Zionist Interpretation; Abraham Feldman: Changing Functions of the Synagogue & the Rabbi; Jacob Schwarz: Reform Jewish Practice; Emil Leipziger: What Has Liberal Judaism to Offer America?; Max Reichler: Reform Judaism & World Jewry. 288. 000525. 
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122 Reshimat havre Histadrut ha-rabanim da-Amerika (Rabbinic Registry)
Rabbinical Council of Amer, 1965, NY. Wraps. Very good-. 58. 016811. 
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123 Rivon Katan - A Little Quarterly of Poetry and Thought Issued by the Hebrew Poetry Society of America - Vol I No. I (I)
1944, NY. Wraps. Good. In Hebrew. 1 of 2 issues. Title cont: Spring, 5704 (1944). Henry Wallace: Century of the Common Man; N.Touroff: Can a Nation Become Insane?; S. Hillel's: Leo Tolstoy; Ben-Hannagan: Walt Whitman's Native Island; Elinor Wylia: Velasquez; A. Regelson: Poetry of Ibn Gabirol; & Saul Tchernichovsky; Ilya Ehrenburg: Plant & Child. Top & bottom of spine taped. 16mo. 132. 000567. 
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124 Salzburgs Wiederaufgebaute Synagoge - Festschrift zur Einweihung
Illus Judaica Verlag, 1968, Salzburg. Wraps. Very good-. In German. 40 articles on Salzburg & Jews. 14 pp of photos. 30 pp of ads. Covers lightly soiled. 207. 016067. 
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125 San Diego Women's Haggadah - Second Edition
Illus Women's Inst for Continuing, 1993, CA. Wraps 3rd prtg. Very good. pub cont: Jewish Education. 81. 002003. 
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126 Seder Haggadah shel Peasch - Service for Passover with Revised English Translation
Illus Star Hebrew Book, 1927, NY. Good. 24mo. 96. 000479. 
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127 Seder lel hitkadesh hag : Hagadah Shel Pesah.../ nosaf 'alav perush Avraham Shemu'el Binyamin Sofer...midreshe hazal...
(1906), NY. Reprint of Mukachevo (1905/06) ed. printed by Druck von Kohn & Klein. 7 black & white illus of rabbis. Sofer (Schreiber), rabbinical family, descendants of Moses Sofer. Abraham Samuel Benjamin Wolf (1815-1871), oldest son of Moses. 56+. 014423. 
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128 Sefer ha-Hado'ar li-melot lo sheloshim va-hamesh shanah - Jubilee Volume 1957
Hadoar Assoc, 1957, NY. Wraps. Very good-. Only Hebrew weekly pub in the US; an organ of Histadruth Ivrith. In Hebrew. Vol. XXXVII, no. 28. Slight browning to covers. 4to. 304. 012215. 
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129 Sefer Hayovel - Jubilee Book on the Occasion of the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Agudas Israel World Organisation 5672-5702
Illus Self-pub, 1942, London. Wraps. Good-. In Hebrew & English. Covers stained; Hebrew cover small piece missing bottom spine corner; English cover small piece missing bottom right corner; spine chipped; corners bumped. 60/39. 000396. 
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130 Sefer he-'asor shel Hado'ar li-melot 10 shanim li-medinat Yisra'el. Dedicated to 10 Years of Israel's Independence 1948-
Hadoar Assoc, 1958, NY. Wraps. Very good-. Only Hebrew weekly pub in the US; an organ of Histadruth Ivrith. In Hebrew. Vol. XXXVIII, no. 40. Title cont: 1958. Slight browning to covers. 4to. 200. 001366. 
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131 Sefer hokhmat Ben Sira ha-shalem: kolel kol ha-perakim ha-'Ivriyim she-nitgalu 'ad ha-yom ve-targum mada'e meduyak
Darom, 1932/33, Jerusalem. Good+. In Hebrew. 2 parts in 1 vol; paged continuously. Biblio references. Apocrypha. Ecclesiasticus. title cont: mi-Yevanit ve-Surit shel ha-mekomot ha-hasirim be-'Ivrit/ mugah u-mesudar 'im perush kastsar u-mavo me-et Mosheh Tsevi Segal. Segal, 1876-1968, Bible scholar. Top & bottom of spine worn down & frayed; corners bumped; front edge stained. 87. 002117. 
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Sefer Kalish - The Kalish Book
132 Sefer Kalish - The Kalish Book
Illus Israel-Amer Book Committee, 1968, Tel-Aviv. ExLib. Very good-. Vol 2 of 2 vols. only. In Hebrew & Yiddish. Yiskor book. City in Poznan province, W. Poland. Covers & edges lightly soiled. 4to. 598. 012707. 
Price: 65.00 USD
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133 Sefer Likutei Chofetz Chaim Al Ha-Torah
1972, Israel. Very good. 2 vols in Hebrew. Collected commentary & sources gathered from his writings. Israel Meir Ha-Kohen, 1838-1933, rabbi, ethical comments cont: writer & talmudist. 001954. 
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134 Selected Addresses and Papers of Simon Wolf - A Memorial Volume, Together with a Biographical Sketch
UAHC, 1926, OH. Very good. 19 essays by Wolf. 1836-1923, Jewish communal leader, lawyer & historian. 355. 014998. 
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135 Selected Works of Hyman G. Enelow
Privately Printed, 1935, IL. Very good. 1877-1934. Lithuanian-born US Reform rabbi, scholar, writer. In 4 volumes. Only vols I, II, IV available. Vol. I: Memoir & sermons. Memoir by Felix A. Levy. Vol. II: Sermons & reviews. Vol. IV: Scientific papers. 556/547/511. 000584. 
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136 Selected Works of Hyman G. Enelow - 4 volumes
Privately Printed, 1935, IL. Good+. 1877-1934. Lithuanian-born US Reform rabbi, scholar, writer. 551. In 4 volumes. Vol. I: Memoir & sermons. Memoir by Felix A. Levy. Vol. II: Sermons & reviews. Vol. III: Collected Writings. Vol. IV: Scientific papers. Top & bottom of spine & corners bumped; edges slightly soiled & browned; slight discoloring to small spots on covers of vol. II & IV; spines faded vols I & III. 556/547/509/. 002255. 
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137 Sifra...nidfas shenit bi-defus muktan...
Sefarim, 1925, Berlin. Good+. In Hebrew. Facsimile edition of Venice, 1545. Old dampstain top 1/3 of book; 1 page wrinkled. 4to. 59 leaves. 000626. 
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138 Sifre defus Venetsya 306 [1546] nidpas shenit be-defus ofset muktan...
Hotsa'at Sefarim, 1925, Berlin. Good+. In Hebrew. Facsimile edition of Venice, 1546. Top corner old damp staining all pages. 4to. 63 leaves. 000652. 
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139 Sifre Mosad Ha-Rav Kook 1937-1947
1947, Palestine. Wraps. Good. In Hebrew. Bibliography. Bottom of spine taped; edges chipped. 87. 000669. 
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140 SION - Organo Oficial Del Hanoar Hazioni B'Peru - Ano 4 Liam, Junio de 1949 Nos. 37-39
Wraps. Good. In Spanish. 4to. 36+. 000974. 
Price: 22.00 USD
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