Studies in Honor of Samuel Montefiore Waxman

By: Golden,Herbert H. (Ed)

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Herbert Myron: Biography of Waxman; Biblo of Waxman's Writings; Paulo Leao de Moura: A Personal Tribute; James Powers: Anent Romain Rolland. A Letter to Sam the Prof.; Sidney Braun: Andre Suares & Villiers de l'Isle-Adam; George Levitine: Remarks on a Famous Letter of Paul Cezanne & the Makng of a 20th Cent Myth; William Jewell: A Note on Artistic Interdependence; Jeannette Phillips Gibbs: French Influence in the Writngs of A. Hamilton Gibbs; Camillo Merlino: Some Old French Words in Current English; Joseph Dayag: Independent Theater in Vienna Against the Background of German Nationalism; Anthony De Vito: Dramatic Suspense & Dialogue in the Inferno; Herbert Golden: Giulio Bertoni & the Aesthetic Factor in Linguistics; Sister Margaret Young: 3 Poems of Machado in Concert; John Devlin: Garcia Lorca's Basic Affirmation in Poet in NY; Seymour Simches: Theater of Jacinto Grau; Robert Sheehan: Gironella & Hemingway: Novelists of the Spanish Civil War; Ilene Avery: Current Trends in Spanish Education; Sturgis Leavitt: Harvard Council on Hispano-Amer Studies; Raimundo Lida: Hacia el humor de Sarmiento; Solomon Lipp: Society & the Novel in Spanish Amer; Ruth Richardson: Argentine Theater & Florencio Sanchez; Jaures Mazzone: New Christians & the Brazilian Sentiment of Alienation.

Title: Studies in Honor of Samuel Montefiore Waxman

Author: Golden,Herbert H. (Ed)

Categories: Essays,

Comments: B. 1885. Professor & administrator at Boston Univ.

Publisher: MA, Boston Univ Pr: 1969

Pages: 263

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