Meghillot - Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls III

By: Bar-Asher,Moshe & Dimant,Devorah

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Andre Caquot (1923-1004); Pub of Caquot on the Qumran Scrolls & related Literature; Jonathan Ben-Dov: Dwq & Lunar Phases in Qumran Calendars: New Mesopotamian Evidence; Gabriel Barzilai: 'Wife of One's Youth': Monogamy as an Ideal in Wisdom, Qumram & Rabbinic Literature; Devorah Dimant: Book Of Parables (I Enoch 37-71) & the Qumran Scroll; Shemaryahu Talmon: Anti-Lunar-Calendar Polemic in the Covenanters' Writings; Hananel Mack: From Qumran to Provence: Notion of a Manassite Messiah; Bilhah Nitzan: Key Terms in 4QInstruction: Implications for its Ideological Unity; Menahem Kister: 4Q392 1 & the Conception of Light in Qumran 'Dualism'; Aharon Shemesh: Laws of the Firstborn & the Cattle Tithe in Qumran Literature & Rabbinic Halakhah; Moshe Bar-Asher: Some Unusual Spellings in Qumran Scrolls; Yosi Baruchi: Fragmentary Biblical Scrolls from Bar Kokhba Revolt Refuge Caves; Emanuel Tov: Implications of Qumran Finds for the Literary Analysis of Hebrew Scripture; Jan Joosten: Interpretation of Deut. 29:18 in the Qumran Scrolls; Elisha Qimron: Improving the Editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls (3); Alexander Rofe: Wave Breads for King Saul; 1 Sam. 10:4 in 4QSam 7 in the Septuagint; Hanan Eshel: Megillat Ta'anit in Light of Holidays found in Jubilees & the Temple Scroll; Hanan Eshel & Yosi Baruchi & Roi Porat: Fragments of a Biblical Scroll from the Judean Desert.

Title: Meghillot - Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls III

Author: Bar-Asher,Moshe & Dimant,Devorah

Categories: Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls,

Comments: 17 essays in Hebrew, table of contents & summary in English. Vol 3 of 4.

Publisher: Israel, Univ of Haifa/Bialik Inst: 2005

Pages: 262/24

Condition: Bottom corners bumped

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Keywords: Dead Sea Scrolls Hebrew Judaica