Bits of Honey: Essays for Samson H. Levey

By: Chyet,Stanley F. & Ellenson,David H. (Eds)

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Lewis Barth: Textual Transformations: Rabbinic Exegesis of Genesis 22:14; Uri Herscher: Yohanan Ben Zakkai at Yavneh: Merkavah & Messiah; Michael Klein: Introductory Poems (R'shuyot) to the Targum of the Haftarah in Praise of Jonathan Ben Uzziel; Jacob Milgrom: Priestly Consecration (Leviticus 8): A Rite of Passage; Jacob Neusner: Greco-Roman Philosophy of Judaism: Mishnah in Context; Gary Porton: Gentiles & Israelities in Mishnah-Tosefta: A Study in Ethnicity; Melvin Sands: A New Interpretation of 'V Hinam Sholhim Et-Ha-Z'morah El apam (Ezekiel 8:17); Lou Silberman: Understanding a Midrash Text: case of the Inhabitants of Nineveh; Ben Zion Wacholder: Geomessianism: Why Did the Essenes Settle in Qumran?; Lee Bycel: Speculations on the Passover; Stanley Chyet: Yehuda Halevi: Consolations of Utopia; Lenn Goodman: Abortion & the Emergence of Human Life: Maimonides & the Judaic View; Edward Zipperstein: Flexibility in Halakhah: Jewish Authorities at Work-Former Days. 8 more essays.

Title: Bits of Honey: Essays for Samson H. Levey

Author: Chyet,Stanley F. & Ellenson,David H. (Eds)

Categories: Essays,

Publisher: GA, Scholars Pr: 1993

Pages: 335

Book Condition: Very good

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Keywords: Essays Judaica