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'Oz le-David : kovets mehkarim be-Tanakh mugash le-David Ben-Guryon bi-melot lo shiv'im ve-sheva' shanim...

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Price: $50.00

Publisher: Israel, Kiryat Sefer: 1964

Edition: In Hebrew. Title on spine Sefer Ben-Guryon.

Item #: 001347

ISBN: 594

Condition: Rear hinge mended

'Yotse le-'or al yede ha-Hevrah le-heker ha-mikra be-Yisra'el, ha-Hevrah ha-'olamit la-Tanakh be-hishtatfut ha-Mahlakah le-hinukh ule-tarbut shel ha-Sokhnut ha-Yehudit bi-Yerushalayim'. Festshrift for David Ben-Gurion on his 77th birthday. View more info

Alonim - Ha-Kibbutz ha-Dati (Iyar-Sivan)

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Price: $20.00

Publisher: Israel, 1949

Edition: In Hebrew. Bulletin of the Kibbutz.

Item #: 000663

ISBN: 56

Condition: Spine taped

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Be-darkam: havre ha-Ihud she-naflu ba-ma'arakhah

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Price: $32.00

Publisher: Israel, Ihud ha-kevutsot veha-: 1968

Edition: pub cont: kibutsim. In Hebrew. Short, sentimental biographical sketches of & poetry about 66 IDF soldiers who died during the

Item #: 000207

ISBN: 268

Condition: Bottom half of title page missing

comments cont: Six Day War. View more info

Derech Mitzvosecha

By: N/A

Price: $23.00

Publisher: NY, Kehot: 1996

Edition: In Hebrew. Explanations for the reasons of mitzvos.

Item #: 002604

ISBN: 590

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Haggadah Shel Pesach Tefutzot Yisrael (Diaspora Israel)

By: N/A

Price: $24.00

Publisher: Ramat Gan, Masada: no date

Edition: In Hebrew. Pictures of immigrants. Association for the War on Cancer in Israel.

Item #: 001160

ISBN: not paginated

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Heawar - Devoted to the History of the Russian Jews (he-'Avar. Agudah le-heker toldot Yehude Rusyah ve-Ukrainah) Vol. XIV -Apri

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Price: $25.00

Publisher: Israel, Altira: 1967

Edition: In Hebrew, English summaries. Pub from 1952.

Item #: 001544

ISBN: 287

To the Memory of A. Goldstein, 1884-1949. Alexander Goldstein: Memoirs; An Appreciation & Recollections by Y.Greenbaum, J.Goldstein & J.Pevsner; Y.Slutsky: A.Goldstein; A. Goldstein: Thunder-& Silence; G. Elkoshi: Hebrew Press in Wilno in the 19th cent; Y. Slutzky: Russian Supplement to 'Hacarmel'; M.E. Eisenstadt: Yeshivah of Volozin; A.Littai: From Townlet to Town; Z.Rabinowitz: Gad Asher Levin from Pinsk; N.M.Gelber: S.L.Klachko; I.Klausner: Contribution of Dr.N.M.Gelber to our Historiography; J.Twersky: Lev Shestov; J.L. Vilensky: Letters to the Central Committee of 'Bnei Moshe'; To the Hi... View more info

Kitve A. Ever-Hadani - ha-Yishuv Kotev historyah

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Price: $21.00

Publisher: Tel-Aviv, Y.Ts'ets'ik: 1968

Edition: In Hebrew. Pseudonym of Aharon Feldman, 1899-1972, Hebrew writer. Vol 7 of 7 vols.

Item #: 002030

ISBN: 300

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Kobez al jad: minora manuscripta Hebraica Tom VII (XVII) (Kovets 'al yad: divarim shebi-khtav ha-yotsim la-or ba-pa'am ha

By: N/A

Price: $27.00

Publisher: Israel, Mekize Nirdamim: 1968

Edition: In Hebrew. Machzori Piut Mi-Toch Kdoshta Le-Yom Kipur ha-Meiucheset Le-Yosi Ben Yosi. Title cont: -rishonah.

Item #: 002882

ISBN: 160

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Kobez al jad: minora manuscripta Hebraica Tom XII (XXII) (Kovets 'al yad: divarim shebi-khtav ha-yotsim la-or ba-pa'am ha

By: N/A

Price: $29.00

Publisher: Israel, Mekize Nirdamim: 1994

Edition: In Hebrew. title cont: - rishonah.

Item #: 002929

ISBN: 267

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Koren - Torah Nevi'im Ketuvim

By: N/A

Price: $90.00

Publisher: Israel, Koren: 1963

Edition: In Hebrew. Ernst Daniel Goldschmidt; Abraham Meir Habermann; Me'ir Medan. 1/2 leather.

Item #: 001050

ISBN: 374

Condition: Slight discoloring to front edge

First Tanach designed, edited, printed and bound by Jews in nearly 500 years. View more info

Ma'aseh ha-Geonim (cod.Goldschmidt-Frankfurt a.M.) mit Einleitung und Anmerkungen von A. Epstein, erganzt und redigiert

By: N/A

Price: $45.00

Edition: In Hebrew. Reprint of 1909, Berlin. Title cont: Dr. J. Freimann. Verein Mekize Nirdamim.

Item #: 000173

ISBN: 99

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Me'arot Midbar Yehudah: seker arkhi'ologi bi-shenat 720 (The Judean Desert Caves - Archaeological Survey 1960)

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Price: $38.00

Publisher: Israel, Hebrew Univ/Israel: 1961

Edition: pub cont: Exploration Soc. In Hebrew. 30 pp of black & white plates.

Item #: 001091

ISBN: 86

J. Aviriam: Judean Desert Expeditions; N. Avigad: Expedition A; Y. Aharoni: Expedition B: P.Bar-Adon: Expedition C: Y.Yadin: Expedition D; B. Lifshitz: Greek Documents from Nahal Seelim & Nahal Mishmar; L.Y. Rachmani: Coins from Nahal Seelim & Nahal Hardof; H. Nathan: Skeletons from Nahal Mishmar; D.V. Zaitschek: Remains of Cultivated Plants in the Caves of Nahal Mishmar; G.Witenberg: Parasites in Human Saeces in Archaeological Findings. Offprint from the Bulletin of the Israel Exploration Soc Vol. XXV # 1-2, 1961. View more info

Perushe rabenu Sa'adyah gaon 'al ha-Torah / liket, tirgem, ve-hosif mavo ve-he'arot Yosef David Kafah

By: N/A

Price: $36.00

Publisher: Israel, Mosad ha-Rav Kuk: 1963

Edition: In Hebrew.

Item #: 000265

ISBN: 199

Condition: Shelf wear

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Postage Stamps of the Hebrew People in Israel Israel

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Price: $22.00

Publisher: c. 1937

Edition: In Hebrew. Small pictures of stamps that were pasted on to certain locations on the page that matched the desc of the picture

Item #: 001596

ISBN: not paginated

Condition: Pictorial covers. Corners bumped; top & bot of spine pulled

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Rivon Katan - A Little Quarterly of Poetry and Thought Issued by the Hebrew Poetry Society of America - Vol I No. I (I)

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Price: $20.00

Publisher: NY, 1944

Edition: In Hebrew. 1 of 2 issues. Title cont: Spring, 5704 (1944).

Item #: 000567

ISBN: 132

Henry Wallace: Century of the Common Man; N.Touroff: Can a Nation Become Insane?; S. Hillel's: Leo Tolstoy; Ben-Hannagan: Walt Whitman's Native Island; Elinor Wylia: Velasquez; A. Regelson: Poetry of Ibn Gabirol; & Saul Tchernichovsky; Ilya Ehrenburg: Plant & Child. Top & bottom of spine taped. View more info

Sefer Likutei Chofetz Chaim Al Ha-Torah

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Price: $49.00

Publisher: Israel, 1972

Edition: 2 vols in Hebrew. Collected commentary & sources gathered from his writings. Israel Meir Ha-Kohen, 1838-1933, rabbi, ethical

Item #: 001954

comments cont: writer & talmudist. View more info

Sefer ha-Hado'ar li-melot lo sheloshim va-hamesh shanah - Jubilee Volume 1957

By: N/A

Price: $23.00

Publisher: NY, Hadoar Assoc: 1957

Edition: Only Hebrew weekly pub in the US; an organ of Histadruth Ivrith. In Hebrew. Vol. XXXVII, no. 28.

Item #: 012215

ISBN: 304

Condition: Slight browning to covers

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Sefer he-'asor shel Hado'ar li-melot 10 shanim li-medinat Yisra'el. Dedicated to 10 Years of Israel's Independence 1948-

By: N/A

Price: $23.00

Publisher: NY, Hadoar Assoc: 1958

Edition: Only Hebrew weekly pub in the US; an organ of Histadruth Ivrith. In Hebrew. Vol. XXXVIII, no. 40. Title cont: 1958.

Item #: 001366

ISBN: 200

Condition: Slight browning to covers

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Sefer hokhmat Ben Sira ha-shalem: kolel kol ha-perakim ha-'Ivriyim she-nitgalu 'ad ha-yom ve-targum mada'e meduyak

By: N/A

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Jerusalem, Darom: 1932/33

Edition: In Hebrew. 2 parts in 1 vol; paged continuously. Biblio references. Apocrypha. Ecclesiasticus.

Item #: 002117

ISBN: 87

title cont: mi-Yevanit ve-Surit shel ha-mekomot ha-hasirim be-'Ivrit/ mugah u-mesudar 'im perush kastsar u-mavo me-et Mosheh Tsevi Segal. Segal, 1876-1968, Bible scholar. Top & bottom of spine worn down & frayed; corners bumped; front edge stained. View more info

Sifra...nidfas shenit bi-defus muktan...

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Price: $38.00

Publisher: Berlin, Sefarim: 1925

Edition: In Hebrew. Facsimile edition of Venice, 1545.

Item #: 000626

ISBN: 59 leaves

Condition: Old dampstain top 1/3 of book; 1 page wrinkled

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