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Perushe rabenu Sa'adyah gaon 'al ha-Torah / liket, tirgem, ve-hosif mavo ve-he'arot Yosef David Kafah

By: N/A

Price: $36.00

Publisher: Israel, Mosad ha-Rav Kuk: 1963

Edition: In Hebrew.

Item #: 000265

ISBN: 199

Condition: Shelf wear

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Sefer Likutei Chofetz Chaim Al Ha-Torah

By: N/A

Price: $49.00

Publisher: Israel, 1972

Edition: 2 vols in Hebrew. Collected commentary & sources gathered from his writings. Israel Meir Ha-Kohen, 1838-1933, rabbi, ethical

Item #: 001954

comments cont: writer & talmudist. View more info

A Digest of Commentaries on The Tractates Babha Kamma Babha Mesia and Babha Bhathera of the Babylon Talmud Compiled by

By: Aghmati,Zachariah Ben Judah

Price: $75.00

Publisher: London, Trustees of the British: 1961

Edition: pub cont: Museum. In Hebrew. Biblio. Index of authors.

Item #: 016616

ISBN: 314/18

Condition: Shelf wear; front hinge mended

title cont: Zachariah Ben Judah Aghmati Reproduced in facsimile from the Unique Manuscript in the British Museum Or. 10013. Edited, with an Introduction by Jacob Leveen. Aghmati, late 12th & early 13th centuries, North African talmudist. View more info

Sefer Otsar ha-Torah: derklert daytiekh yeder pasukh fun Hamishah Humshe ha-Toyreh un hamesh megiles ve-haftares mit

By: Alfes,Benzion

Price: $19.00

Publisher: Milwaukee, A. Spigil: 1953

Edition: In Yiddish. Commentary on Genesis.

Item #: 002130

ISBN: 158

Condition: Covers lightly soiled

title cont: fil mashalim un 18 perushim.(Otzar Hatorah a Commentary on the Bible). Alfes, 1850-1941, Yiddish & Hebrew writer. View more info

Lehem le-fi ha-taf: (hidushe Torah)

By: Bokovzah,Yitshak Hai (Bukhabazah,Isaac)

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Djerba, Bi-defus David 'Idan: 1940

Edition: pub cont: ve-shutafav. In Hebrew. Bible commentary.

Item #: 001845

ISBN: 11, 157

Edges chipped; backstrip worn; hinges mended; top of spine pulled; small white label on spine. View more info

The Commentary of David Kimhi on the Fifth Book of the Psalms CVII-CL Edited on the Basis of Manuscripts and Early Editions

By: Bosniak,Jacob

Price: $36.00

Publisher: NY, JTS: 1954

Edition: title cont: of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries in the Library of the JTSA. In Hebrew with an intro in English.

Item #: 015277

ISBN: 256

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Otsar ha-Tehilim: halakhah ve-agadah

By: Cohen,Jacob Abraham

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Chicago, 1947

Edition: In Hebrew. Vol 2 of 3.

Item #: 001204

ISBN: 384

Condition: Front edge slightly soiled

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Sefer ha-Mikhtam 'al masekhet Pesahim, Sukah u-Mo'ed Katan: u-teshuvot ba'al ha-Mikhtam u-vene doro/le-Rabenu David b.R.

By: David ben Levi

Price: $26.00

Publisher: NY, M.Y. Blau: 1958

Edition: In Hebrew.

Item #: 000782

ISBN: 29, 263

title cont: ha-Levi mi-Narbonah; yotse la-or be-fa'am ha-rishonah 'a. pi kitve yad 'im mar'eh mekomot ve-ha'arot be-shem Be'er Mosheh me-et Mosheh ha-Kohen Bloi. (Sefer Hamichtam on the tractates Psachim, Suckah and Moed Katan and Responsa composed by Rabbi David Ben Levi of Narbonne edited for the first time from rare manuscripts in the British Museum in the Bodleian Library and in the Montefiore Library. With introduction and notes). David ben Levi, latter half of the 13th cent, scholar in Provence. View more info

Sefer ha-Metsaref: hagahot ve-tikunim le-'agadot Hazal

By: Dubsewitz,Abraham Baer

Price: $42.00

Publisher: Israel, Makor: 1969

Edition: In Hebrew. Photo-copy of Odessa, 1870 ed. Avraham Dov be-Yosef Ezra Dobzevits. Aggada commentary.

Item #: 001907

ISBN: 43, 196

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ha-Mesilot / la-sar Ben-Hayil ha-'Adulami

By: Edelmann,Simhah Reuben

Price: $47.00

Publisher: Vilna, Bi-defus Y.L. Mets: 1875

Edition: In Hebrew. Professionally rebound. Criticism of Mesorah & explanations of Aggadic material in the Talmud.

Item #: 000310

ISBN: 228

Condition: Title page slightly soiled

Edelmann, 1821-1893, Lithuanian Hebrew scholar. View more info

Sefer Aderet Eliyahu: 'al Sefer Va-yikra: ve-hu Kitsur Torat Kohanim

By: Elijah ben Solomon; Wildmann,Isaac Eisik

Price: $14.00

Publisher: Israel, Y. ben E. Landa: 1954

Edition: In Hebrew. Bible commentary.

Item #: 002706

ISBN: 90

Front edge of back cover piece missing; yellowing. View more info

Sefer No'am Elimelekh

By: Elimelech, of Lyzhansk

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Brooklyn, Sifre Talmide Besh't ha-k: 1991

Edition: In Hebrew. Elimelech, 1717-1787, zaddik of the 3rd generation of Hasidism & one of the founders of Hasidism in Galicia.

Item #: 000297

ISBN: 109 leaves

Condition: Top corners bumped

comments cont: Pentateuch commentary. View more info

Der Gaonaische Kommentar zur Ordnung Tohoroth. Eine Kritische Einleitung zu dem R. Hai Gaon Zugeschriebenen Kommentar

By: Epstein,J.N

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Berlin, Mayer & Muller: 1915

Edition: In German.

Item #: 002056

ISBN: 160

Condition: Top & bottom of spine & corners bumped; edges chipped

Hai Ben Sherira, 939-1038, gaon of Pumbedita & molder of halakhah & the most prominent figure of his time. Jacob Nathan Epstein, 1878-1952, talmud scholar. View more info

Sefer Levush Mordekhai: ...hidushim u-veurim - Volumes 2 & 3

By: Epstein,Moses Mordecai

Price: $65.00

Publisher: Jerusalem,

Edition: In Hebrew. Talmud commentary. 2 of 4 vols.

Item #: 002281

Vol. 2: 1929, Bava Mezia; 4to. 28pp 76+ leaves. Corners bumped; top of spine frayed. Vol. 3: 1936, Zevahim - Menahot; folio. 74+ leaves. Hinges mended; corners b umped; top of spine bumped & pulled; a few small white spots on covers. Epstein, 1866-1933, talmudist & rosh yeshivah in Lithuania & Erez Israel. These are a collection of his lectures. View more info

Kereti u-feleti: helek alef 'al Shulhan 'arukh Yoreh de' Yisrael 'al hilkhot nidah

By: Eybeschutz,Jonathan

Price: $28.00

Publisher: NY, Prager: 1949

Edition: In Hebrew. Tiferet Yisrael has a separate title page.

Item #: 002390

ISBN: 88/23 leaves

Condition: Covers slightly scuffed; end papers slight browning;

Eybeschuetz, 1690/95-1764, talmudist & kabbalist. This is one of his masterpieces of pilpulistic literature. condition cont: top edge lightly soiled. View more info

Sefer Helkenu be-toratekha: hidushim niflaim

By: Friedman,Erno

Price: $22.00

Publisher: NY, Va'ad le-hafatsat kitve yad: 1950

Edition: pub cont: shel admour Ba'al Tsevi hemed 'al yede talmidav u-ma'aritsav. In Hebrew. Commentary Pentateuch.

Item #: 002346

ISBN: 192

Condition: Top & bottom of spine pulled; front edge of covers small dent

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Apiryon 'asiti li:...le-va'er ketsat pesukim...

By: Ganzfried,Solomon ben Joseph

Price: $22.00

Publisher: Israel, 1963/64

Edition: In Hebrew. Previously pub: Ungvar, 1877. Homilies on the Pentateuch & on some aggadot.

Item #: 002043

ISBN: 176

Condition: Spine faded

Ganzfried, 1804-1886, rabbi & author. View more info

Avot u-vanim be-Khitve ha-kodesh

By: Gershtenkorn,Yitshak

Price: $22.00

Publisher: Bene Berak, Be-siyu'a Mosad ha-Rav Kuk: 1947

Edition: In Hebrew. Commentary.

Item #: 000786

ISBN: 208

Hinges mended; top & bottom of spine pulled; shelf wear; top & bottom edges lightly soiled. View more info

Musar ha-Mishnah

By: Ginzburg,Yehudah Leyb b.R. Dov

Price: $20.00

Publisher: St. Louis, Quality Printing & Pub: 1943

Edition: Vol 2 of 2 vols in Hebrew. Mishnah commentary.

Item #: 002232

ISBN: 308

Slight spotting to endpapers & edges; top corners bumped; slight scuffing to front cover & spine. View more info

Sefer 'ateret Tsvi: mahadura tanina le-sefer nahalat Tsvi: zot nahalati...perushim u-hidushim 'al hamishah humshe Torah,

By: Gross,Meshullam Zevi

Price: $22.00

Publisher: NY, Shulsinger Bros: 1952/53

Edition: In Hebrew. Pentateuch commentary.

Item #: 002357

ISBN: 18, 352

title cont: u-likutim 'al Na'KH, SHa'S, u-ZOH'K... Meshulam ha-mekuneh Feysh Tsvi Gros. View more info