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Mishnato shel R. Eli'ezer ben Hurkanos, u-mekomah be-toldor he-halakhah (The Teachings of R. Eliezer ben Hyrianos and their

By: Gilat,Yitzhak D

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Israel, Dvir: 1968

Edition: In Hebrew. 22 pp in English. Title cont: Position in the History of the Halakha.

Item #: 000042

ISBN: 342/22

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Dynamic Jewish Law - Progressive Halakhah - Essence and Applications

By: Jacob,Walter & Zemer,Moshe (Eds)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: PA, Freehof Inst of Progressive: 1991

Edition: pub cont: Halakhah.

Item #: 015394

ISBN: 148

Moshe Zemer: Authority & Criteria in Liberal Halakhah; Mark Washofsky: Search for Liberal Halakhah; Haim Cohen: Jewish Law in Israel; Walter Jacob: Pesikah & American Reform Responsa; W. Gunther Plaut: Reform Responsa & Liberal Halakhah; John Rayner: Between Antinomianism & Conservatism; Hyam Maccoby: Halakhah & Sex Ethics. View more info

Responsa and Halakhic Studies

By: Klein,Isaac

Price: $20.00

Publisher: NY, Ktav: 1975

Item #: 016691

ISBN: 190

Author was a member of the Conservative Rabbinical Assembly's Law Committee since 1935. This is a compendium of his contibutions on halakhic questions. Index. Top of spine pulled; previous owner's name on bottom edge, front pastedown & title page. View more info

Mehkarim be-midreshe ha-halakhah uva-sifrut ha-Talmudit / 'orekh Yitshak D. Gilat (Studies in Talmudic Literature and

By: Levine,Howard I

Price: $32.00

Publisher: Israel, Bar-Ilan Univ: 2003

Edition: In Hebrew. Biblio references. Indexes. Mekhilta of Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai. Title cont: Halakhic Midrashim.

Item #: 002173

ISBN: 205

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Sefer Hilkhot ha-Nagid: kolel seride Sefer Hilkhata gavrata u-seridim shel she'ar ketava ha-halakhiyim / yots'im la-or

By: Margalioth,Mordecai

Price: $36.00

Publisher: Israel, Amer Academy for Jewish Rese: 1962

Edition: In Hebrew.

Item #: 016595

ISBN: 222

title cont: 'im mevo'ot ve-he'arot bi-yede Mordekhai Margaliyot (Hilkhot Hannagid - A collection of the Extant Halakhic Writings of R. Shmuel Hannagid, edited with Introduction and Annotations) Samuel Ha-Nagid, 993-1056, vizier of Granada, statesman, poet, scholar & military commander. His major work, is a compilation & explanation of halakhah based on both Talmuds, decisions of the geonim, Midrash & the She'iltot of Ahai of Shabha. (EJ 14:816). View more info

The Cantor's Manual of Halakhah (Sheliah tsibur ba-halakhah)

By: Ornstein,Walter

Price: $40.00

Publisher: NY, Cantorial Council/Yeshiva U: 1965

Edition: In Hebrew & English; pages 111-167 are in Hebrew only. Part I: General Laws; Part II: Laws of the Sabbath & Festivals;

Item #: 000028

ISBN: 167

Condition: Front cover old stain

Part III: Appendix, in Hebrew only, mainly responsa. View more info