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Sefer ha-agadah: mivhar ha-agadot sheba-Talmud uva-midrashim

By: Bialik,Hayyim Nahman & Rawnitzki,Yehoshua Hana

Price: $26.00

Publisher: Tel Aviv, Devir: 1935/36

Edition: In Hebrew. 2 of 3 vols. Kerekh 2 sefer 1 & 2 & Kerekh 3 sefer 1 & 2.

Item #: 002472

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Sefer ha-agadah: mivhar ha-agadot sheba-Talmud uva-midrashim

By: Bialik,Hayyim Nahman & Rawnitzki,Yehoshua Hana

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Tel Aviv, Dvir: 1947

Edition: In Hebrew.

Item #: 002930

ISBN: 687, 48

Condition: White smudge bottom of backstrip; rear hinge mended

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Shevile ha-agadah: mavo la-agadot 'am shel ha-'amim ve-shel Yisrael

By: Bin-Gorion,Emanuel

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Israel, Bialik Foundation: 1949

Edition: In Hebrew.

Item #: 001055

ISBN: 259

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Sefer ha-Metsaref: hagahot ve-tikunim le-'agadot Hazal

By: Dubsewitz,Abraham Baer

Price: $42.00

Publisher: Israel, Makor: 1969

Edition: In Hebrew. Photo-copy of Odessa, 1870 ed. Avraham Dov be-Yosef Ezra Dobzevits. Aggada commentary.

Item #: 001907

ISBN: 43, 196

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ha-Mesilot / la-sar Ben-Hayil ha-'Adulami

By: Edelmann,Simhah Reuben

Price: $47.00

Publisher: Vilna, Bi-defus Y.L. Mets: 1875

Edition: In Hebrew. Professionally rebound. Criticism of Mesorah & explanations of Aggadic material in the Talmud.

Item #: 000310

ISBN: 228

Condition: Title page slightly soiled

Edelmann, 1821-1893, Lithuanian Hebrew scholar. View more info

'Iyunim ba-Mikra uva-Midrash: le-vate sefer vela-'am (Biblical and Midrashic Insights - Agadic Selections - A Contemporary Read

By: Halevi,Mordecai

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Haifa, Yishpeh: 1968

Edition: Vol 2 of 2 in Hebrew. Midrashe agadah ba-ruah zemanenu.

Item #: 001636

ISBN: 138

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Hafetz Hayim 'al Agadot ha-Shas be'urim u-ferushim 'al agadot ha-Shas

By: Israel Meir, ha-Kohen

Price: $19.00

Publisher: Israel, Otsar ha-midrash: 1965/66

Edition: In Hebrew. Aggada commentary.

Item #: 002705

ISBN: 120

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Sefer Emet le-Ya'akov: 'al agadot ha-Shas

By: Jacob ben Jacob Moses, of Lissa

Price: $55.00

Publisher: Varsha, Bidefus Sh. Argelbrand: 1865

Edition: In Hebrew. Prof rebound. Expositions of talmudic aggadot. Jacob, 1760-1832, Polish rabbi & halakhist.

Item #: 001571

ISBN: 16 leaves

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Agada: The Language of Jewsh Faith

By: Karff,Samuel E

Price: $10.00

Publisher: OH, HUC Pr: 1979

Item #: 000881

ISBN: 216

Agada embodies the stories which describe the nature & reality of God's covenant with Israel. God is portrayed as Creator, Giver of Torah & Redeemer. Can Agada mediate the religious consciousness of the contemporary Jew. Notes. View more info

Sefer Or ha-agadah: 'al agadot ha-Shas hidushim u-mehkarim bi-veure agadot u-maamre hazal u-sheelot me-haye 'amenu

By: Langner,Ira

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Brooklyn, Postar Pr: 1942/44/46

Edition: In Hebrew. In 3 vols. Agaddah commentary.

Item #: 002175

ISBN: 304/313/305

Condition: Vol 1: back cover & spine water stained; rear flyleaves spotted

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Sefer Zikne sheerit Yisrael; kovets agadot ha-Shas 'im beirim.. .ve-'alav 'Zikhron kedoshim'; likut hidushim li-zikhron geone

By: Rozenfeld,Aharon

Price: $19.00

Publisher: Brooklyn, Defus Balshan: 1960-69?

Edition: In Hebrew. Aggada commentary.

Item #: 002067

ISBN: 96

title cont: 'olamim she-nikhtevu 'al kidush ha-Shem. View more info

The Eternal Fount

By: Selig,Harris L

Price: $12.00

Publisher: NY, Hebrew Pub: 1941

Edition: Aggadic interpretations of Torah.

Item #: 003695

ISBN: 280

Bottom of spine very small damage; light discoloring to covers. View more info