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Jewish Identity in an Age of Ideologies - An Inquiry into the Jewish Self-Image

By: Agus,Jacob B

Price: $12.00

Publisher: NY, Frederick Ungar: 1978

Item #: 013132

ISBN: 463

Discusses the various challenges to Judaism & the Jewish people posed by the great intellectual movements in the modern world & the responses of Jewish thinkers. From the emancipation to the present day. Notes. Biblio. Index. View more info

Samuel K. Mirsky Memorial Volume - Studies in Jewish Law, Philosophy, and Literature (Sefer zikaron li-Shelomoh Kalman

By: Appel,Gersion (Ed)

Price: $24.00

Publisher: Israel, Sura Institute for Research: 1970

Item #: 016716

ISBN: 283/309

title cont: Mirski). 16 articles in English, 21 in Hebrew. 1899-1967. Rabbinic scholar, religious Zionist, Hebraist. Prof at Yeshiva Univ. Pres. Histadrut Ivrit of Amer. Previous owner's name stamped on front pastedown; bottom edge & title page. View more info

The Natural and the Supernatural Jew - An Historical and Theological Introduction

By: Cohen,Arthur A

Price: $12.00

Publisher: NY, Pantheon Pr: 1962

Item #: 016578

ISBN: 326

The particular relation the Jew has to his destiny, to his covenant with God, to his Jewishness. 16 philosopers. Biblio. Index. View more info

Reflections of a Wondering Jew

By: Cohen,Morris Raphael

Price: $10.00

Publisher: IL, Free Pr: 1950

Edition: 1880-1947, philosopher. Essays. Index.

Item #: 014738

ISBN: 168

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Min ha-safah veli-fenim

By: Diesendruck,Zevi

Price: $22.00

Publisher: Tel Aviv, Devir: 1933

Edition: In Hebrew. 10 essays. Philosophy. Diesendruck, 1890-1940, philosopher, scholar.

Item #: 001122

ISBN: 248

Top & bottom of spine taped & frayed; covers lightly soiled. View more info

The Spirit of Jewish Thought

By: Evslin,Bernard (Ed)

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Grosset & Dunlap: 1969

Edition: From Moses to Martin Buber.

Item #: 013964

ISBN: 304+

Condition: Remainder mark on bottom edge

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Encounters Between Judaism and Modern Philosophy - A Preface to Future Jewish Thought

By: Fackenheim,Emil L

Price: $14.00

Publisher: PA, JPS: 1973

Edition: Notes. Index.

Item #: 014984

ISBN: 275

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The History and Philosophy of the Jewish Religion

By: Friedlander,Michael

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Pardes Pub: 1946

Item #: 003280

ISBN: 530

Over 300 topics of religious knowledge: laws, traditions, customs, ceremonies, prayers, holidays, ethics & spiritual leaders. 1st pub 1890. Amer ed, revised & enlarged with a biography of the author. View more info

Historical Knowing

By: Goldstein,Leon J

Price: $15.00

Publisher: TX, Univ of Texas: 1976

Edition: A critical philosophy of history must take stock of the discipline itself, the way it is practiced& the sorts of results

Item #: 000753

ISBN: 242

comments cont: it may be expected to produce. Notes; biblio; index. View more info

Die Philosophie Des Judentums - Geschichte der Philosophie in Einzeldarstellungen Abt. I: Das Weltbild der Primitiven und die

By: Guttmann,Julius

Price: $14.00

Publisher: Munchen, Verlag Ernst Reinhardt: 1933

Edition: In German. Guttmann, 1880-1950, philosopher & historian of Jewish philosophy. This is his magnum opus. Subject of the book

Item #: 000639

ISBN: 412

title cont: Philosophie des Morgenlandes Band 3. Mit einem Bildnis des Maimonides. the Jewish religion & the attempts made through the ages to explain & justify it. View more info

Martin Buber - An Intimate Portrait

By: Hodes,Aubrey

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Viking Pr: 1971

Edition: Notes. Biblio. Index.

Item #: 000690

ISBN: 242

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Torat ha-filosofyah ha-datit shel Rabi (Don) Hasdai Kreskas: hartsa'ah/me-et 'Imanu'el Yo'el; meturgam 'a.y. Tsevi Har-Shefer

By: Joel,M (Manuel)

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Israel, Makor: 1969/70

Edition: This is a Xerox copy, hard-bound. Reprint of the 1928 Tel Aviv edition. In Hebrew.

Item #: 015554

ISBN: 111

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Sefer ha-Kuzari

By: Judah,ha-Levi; Tibon,Yehudah ibn; Hisdai ibn Shaprut

Price: $20.00

Publisher: NY, Om: 1946

Edition: In 5 sections each with its own title page. 150/140. In Hebrew.

Item #: 002487

ISBN: 154/195/156/

Condition: 1st 2 sections have some marginalia

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Aus Meiner Jugend - Autobiographie - Mit Vorwort und Anhang Herausgegeben von Nahida Lazarus

By: Lazarus,M(oritz)

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Frankfurt a.M., J.Kauffmann: 1913

Edition: In German. Moritz, 1824-1903, philosopher & psychologist. Nahida, 1849-1928, playwright, novelist & journalist.

Item #: 015535

ISBN: 137

Condition: rear gutter, 2 small tears 1/2 inch & 1 inch; top & bottom of spine pulled & frayed. comments cont: He wrote the Ethics of Judaism. View more info

Breaking the Tablets - Studies in the Philosophy of History

By: Melamed,Dr. S.M

Price: $16.00

Publisher: IL, Meyerson Pr: 1930

Edition: An attempt is made to place Judaism on a purely secular basis-an attempt begun by Spinoza. An effort is made to

Item #: 014929

ISBN: 313

disentangle Judaism from its long alliance with Rabbinism & to make Jewish life autonomous. View more info

The Shaping of the Modern Mind - The Life and Thought of the Great Jewish Philosophers

By: Minkin,Jacob S

Price: $19.00

Publisher: NY, Thomas Yoseloff: 1963

Edition: 21 articles on great Jewish men. Biblio. With an introductory appreciation of Jacob Minkin by his wife Fanny.

Item #: 015891

ISBN: 488

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Geschichte der judischen Philosophie des Mittelalters nach Problemen dargestellt - 2 volumes

By: Neumark,David

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Berlin, Verlag von Georg Reimer: 1907/1910

Edition: 2 vols in German.

Item #: 001126

ISBN: 615/108/482

Erster Band: Die Grundprinzipien I. Erstes Buch: Einteitung. Zweites Buch: Materie und Form. Zweitet Band, 1: Die Grundprinzipten II. Drittes Buch: Attributeniehre. Erste Halfte: Altertum. Index. Neumark, 1866-1924, scholar & philosopher of Reform Judaism. This is his magnum opus. Combines considerable acumen & occasional penetrating insights with a lack of critical method & an excess of imagination. (EJ 12:1014). View more info

Toldot ha-philosofiyah be-Yisra'el : 'al pi seder ha-mehkarim. Homer ve-tsurah. (Essays in Jewish Philosophy)

By: Neumark,David

Price: $26.00

Publisher: OH, Hotsa'at hevrat ha-mesaymim: 1929

Edition: pub cont: shel Bet ha-midrash le-rabanim be-Cincinati. In Hebrew. Edited by Shmu'el Simhah Cohen. Vol 2 of 2 vols.

Item #: 015954

ISBN: 438

Neumark, 1866-1924, scholar & philosopher of Reform Judaism. This is a Hebrew translation of his magnum opus, Geschichte der juedischen Philosdophie des Mittelatters. Combines considerable acumen & occasional penetrating insights. (EJ 12:1014). Cohon, 1888-1959, reform & rabbi & theologian. Top & bottom of spine frayed; corners bumped. View more info

Love Your Neighbor - You and Your Fellow Man in the Light of the Torah - A Practical Guide to Man's Relationship with his

By: Pliskin,Zelig

Price: $30.00

Publisher: NY, Aish haTorah Pub: 1977

Edition: Biblio. Index.

Item #: 016818

ISBN: 476

title cont: fellow man, culled from the full Spectrum of Torah Literature, Divided According to the Weekly Torah Readings. Front gutter mended 1 inch; edges lightly soiled; dj lightly soiled View more info

Me-ovdan ele pedut: pirke hagut le-'asor ha-medinah

By: Prager,Moshe

Price: $26.00

Publisher: Israel, Mosad ha-Rav Kuk: 1958

Edition: In Hebrew. Moses ben Menahem Graf, also known as Moses Praeger, 1650-1700/10, kabbalist.

Item #: 002101

ISBN: 101

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