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'Oz le-David : kovets mehkarim be-Tanakh mugash le-David Ben-Guryon bi-melot lo shiv'im ve-sheva' shanim...

By: N/A

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Israel, Kiryat Sefer: 1964

Edition: In Hebrew. Title on spine Sefer Ben-Guryon.

Item #: 001347

ISBN: 594

Condition: Rear hinge mended

'Yotse le-'or al yede ha-Hevrah le-heker ha-mikra be-Yisra'el, ha-Hevrah ha-'olamit la-Tanakh be-hishtatfut ha-Mahlakah le-hinukh ule-tarbut shel ha-Sokhnut ha-Yehudit bi-Yerushalayim'. Festshrift for David Ben-Gurion on his 77th birthday. View more info

Emlekkonyv Dr. Mahler Ede - A Budapesti Kir Magyar Pazmany Peter Tudomanyegyetem NY Nyilvanos Rendes Tanaranak Nyolcvanadik

By: N/A

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Budapest, 1937

Edition: 39 essays in German, Hungarian, French, English & Hebrew.

Item #: 002149

ISBN: 509/35

Condition: Top & bottom of spine bumped

title cont: Szuletesnapjara Kiadjak Baratai, Tiszteloi Es Tanitvanyai - Dissertationes in Honorem Dr. Eduardi Mahler. (Jubilee Volume in Honour of Edward Mahler PhD Professor of the Royal Hungarian Pazmany Peter University (Retired) Edited on His Eightieth Birthday by His Friends, Colleagues and Pupils). View more info

In Zwei Welten - Siegfried Moses zum Funfundsiebzigsten Geburtstag

By: N/A

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Israel, Verlag Bitaon: 1962

Edition: In German; 1 essay in Hebrew. Moses, 1887-1974, German Zionist Leader & Israel public official.

Item #: 001003

ISBN: 650/22

Georg Herlitz: Siegfried Moses' Entwicklung & Stelling im KJV; Robert Weltsch: Deutscher Zionismus in der Ruckschau; Benno Cohn: Einige Bemerkungen uber den deutschen Zionismus nach 1933; Kurt Wilhelm: Der zionistische Rabbiner; Kurt Loewenstein: Funktionare im Zionismus; Walter Breslauer: Vergleichhende Bemerkungen zur Gestaltung des judischen Organisationslebens in Deutschland & England; Hugo Hahn: Die Grundung der Reichsvertretung; Friedrich Brodnitz: Die Reichsvertretung der deutschen Juden; Franz Meyer: Bemerkungen zu den Zwei Denkschriften; Kurt Tuchler: Ordnung in der Auflosung; Ludwig ... View more info

Jewish Studies in Memory of Israel Abrahams by The Faculty and Visiting Teachers of the Jewish Institute of Religion

By: N/A

Price: $55.00

Publisher: NY, Alexander Kohut Memorial Fo: 1927

Edition: Spine is worn, has a small hole near bottom; edges of spine worn; top & bottom of spine worn down.

Item #: 016766

ISBN: 458

Condition: Top edge back cover chipped 1 inch; corners bumped

Dudley Wright: Select Biblio of Abrahams; Maurice Harris: Abrahams & the Reform Jewish Movement in England; F.J.Foakes Jackson: Abrahams at Cambridge; Nathan Krass: Abrahams, Master of Homily; Claude Montefiore: Abrahams & Liberal Judaism; Dora Askowith: Prolegomena-'Legal Fictions & Evasions of the Law'; Salo Baron: Azariah de Rossi's Attitude to Life (Weltanschauung); A.W. Binder: V'shomru-a Century of Musical Interpretations; Z.Diesendruck: Maimonides' Lehre von der Prophetie; I. Elbogen: Einige neuere Theorien uber den Ursprung der Pharisaer & Sadduzaer; Richard Gottheil: Tid-Bits from the... View more info

Tsiyunim : kovets le-zikhrono shel Y.N. Simhoni zal

By: N/A

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Berlin, Eshkol: 1928/29

Edition: In Hebrew. Jacob Naftali Hertz Simchoni, 1884-1926, scholar, historian & translator. line on spine.

Item #: 000920

ISBN: 227

Condition: Book is cocked; front gutter open 2 1/4 inches; 4 inch white

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Index to Festschriften in Jewish Studies

By: Berlin,Charles (Ed)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: MA/NY, Harvard College Library/: 1971

Edition: pub cont: Ktav. An index to 243 Festschriften in 259 volumes, since 1937. Provides a key to 6700 articles. Subject index has

Item #: 015788

ISBN: 319

1600 subject headings arranged alphabetically. Author index. View more info

Nehemyah Shemuel Libovits: le-yovel ha-shiv'im shelo...

By: Bernstein,S(imon)

Price: $58.00

Publisher: NY, 1932

Edition: In Hebrew. Libowitz, 1862-1939, writer on Jewish subjects. #67 of 70. 70th birthday festschrift with best wishes from sages

Item #: 001225

ISBN: 15

and writers. Bottom of spine 1x1 inch damaged; loose in binding. View more info

Vom Alten Testament Karl Marti Zum Siebzigsten Geburtstage Gewidmet von Freunden, Fachgenossen und Schulern In Ihrem

By: Budde,Karl

Price: $41.00

Publisher: Giessen, Alfred Topelmann: 1925

Edition: 39 essays in German. Marti, 1855-1925, Bible scholar.

Item #: 000487

ISBN: 336

Condition: Top corner bumped hard

title cont: Namen mit dem Bildnis von Karl Marti. View more info

Sefer zikaron li-Shemu'el Belkin (Samuel Belkin Memorial Volume)

By: Carmilly,Moshe & Leaf,Hayim (Eds)

Price: $38.00

Publisher: NY, Yeshiva Univ: 1981

Edition: In Hebrew, table of contents in English. Biblios.

Item #: 015503

ISBN: 280

Norman Lamm: Sage & Saint in the Writings of Maimonides; Gershon Churgin: Prof. H.A. Wolfson-His Contribution to the History of Philosophy; Aron Rabinowitz: Concept of the 'Unconscious' in the 'Mussar' Movement; Joshua Finkel: Explication of Chapter XVI in Ezekiel; Moshe Carmilly-Weinberger: Censored Commentary of R. Shlomo Ben Atyah to the Psalms; Menachem Brayer: Agadic Literature & Esoteric Explanations in the Aramaic Translations of the Torah Ascribed to Jonathan ben Uziel; Bialik Lerner: Newly Discovered Homilies for Tishah B'Av; Meir Havazelet: Midrashic Sources to R. Zeharyah HaRophe's ... View more info

Sefer Adam-Noah; divre Torah, hagut, mehkar ve-ha'arakhah zikharon Le-R. Adam-Noah Dr Braun.(The Adam-Noah Braun Memorial

By: Cohen,Shear-Yashuv (Rabbi) et al

Price: $37.00

Publisher: Israel, ha-Va'adah le-hantsahat: 1969

Edition: pub cont: zikhro shel Dr. Adam Noah Braun 'al yad Makhon Hari Fishel. 45 essays: In Portrayal; & Essays of Torah, Thought

Item #: 001761

ISBN: 499

Condition: Edges slightly soiled

Title cont: Volume - Essays in Jewish Studies). Comments cont: and Research. View more info

History and Literature - New Readings of Jewish Texts in Honor of Arnold J. Band

By: Cutter,William & Jacobson,David C. (Eds)

Price: $34.00

Publisher: RI, Brown Judaic Studies: 2002

Edition: Brown Judaic Studies 334. 38 essays. Band's publications.

Item #: 001662

ISBN: 506

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Mordecai M. Kaplan Jubilee Volume on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday - 2 Volumes

By: Davis,Moshe (Ed)

Price: $55.00

Publisher: NY, JTS: 1953

Edition: 2 vols, 1 in English & 1 in Hebrew.

Item #: 016526

ISBN: 549/287

Condition: Front marginal wrinkling to pp 199-235

English Vol. Leo Baeck: World Religion & National Religion. Gerson Cohen: Biblio of the Writings of Kaplan. Maz Arzt: Teacher in Talmud & Midrash. Salo Baron: Church & State Debates in the Jewish Community of 1848. Norman Bentwich: Kehillah of NY, 1908-1922. Joshua Bloch: 'Outside Books'. Boaz Cohen: Letter & Spirit in Jewish & Roman Law. Samuel Cohon: Kaufmann Kohler the Reformer. Moshe Davis: Israel Friedlaender's Minute Book of the Achavah Club (1909-1912). Israel Efros: Prophecy, Wisdom & Apocalypse. Louis Finkelstein: Judaism as a System of Symbols. H.L. Ginsberg: Gleanings in First Isaia... View more info

Concepts, Critiques and Comments: Wide and Varied - A Festschrift in Honor of David Rose

By: Dibner,Bern & Rubien,Murray (Eds)

Price: $28.00

Publisher: NY, 1976

Edition: Rose, born 1891, a developer & pres of the Board of the Amer Technion Soc.

Item #: 000092

ISBN: 333

Maurice Barron: Optimized Design for Minimized Building Costs; Arthur Battista: Studies of Tremor & of Striatal Amines in Monkeys with Tegmental Lesions; David Bazelon: Perils of Wizardry; Irwin Cantor: Upside Down High Rise; Amiram Carmon: On Time, Space & the Human Brain; Henry Cohen: Future of NYC & the Possible Effects on the US as a Creative Soc; Bern Dibner: A Nation of Immigrants & the Budapest Scientists; Israel Dostrovsky: Some Thoughts on the Energy Problem; John Everett: Relevance of Higher Education; Sidney Fox & Vladimir Zworykin: Search for What Isn't Here; Theodore Gaster: An Ug... View more info

Mehkere sifrut, mugashim le-Shim'on Halkin (Studies in Literature Presented to Simon Halkin)

By: Fleischer,Ezra

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Israel, Magnes Pr: 1973

Edition: In Hebrew. 1899-1987, Israeli poet, novelist & Teacher. Biblio.

Item #: 000941

ISBN: 280

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Israel Bettan Memorial Volume

By: Freehof,Solomon B. (Ed)

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, CCAR: 1961

Edition: 1889-1957.Pres of CCAR. Specialized in homiletics. Rabbi in Charleston, WV. Taught at HUC.

Item #: 001755

ISBN: 164

Samuel Cohon: His Life & Personality; Solomon Freehof: His Influence; Albert Goldstein: As Teacher; Theodore Wiener: Biblio of His writings; Some of his Sermons; Ely Pilchik: Textural Sermon; Bernard Bamberger: Pulpit Lecture; Joseph Narot: High Holy Day Sermon; Solomon Freehof: Literary Lecture; Robert Kahn: Occasional Sermon. View more info

Kovets madai le-zekher Mosheh Shor (Studies in Memory of Moses Schorr, 1874-1941)

By: Ginzberg,Louis & Weiss,Abraham

Price: $35.00

Publisher: NY, Schorr Memorial Committee: 1944

Edition: In Hebrew, table of contents in English.

Item #: 016740

ISBN: 270

Condition: Corners & top & bottom of spine bumped; bumping to cover edges

Enoch Albek: Bethrothal & Bethrothal Writs; Samuel Atlas: Some Observations on the Nature of the Amoraic Discussions in the Babylonian Talmud; Salo Baron: Community of Corfu & its Organization; Judah Bergmann: Aggada & Folklore; Umberto Cassuto: 'Eden The Garden of God'; Samuel Feigin: Babylonian Parallels to the Hebrew Phrase 'Lowly & Riding Upon an Ass'; Louis Finkelstein: Emendations to the Text of Torat Kohanim; Louis Ginzberg: Relation between the Mishnah & the Mekilath; I.M. Grintz: Philistines of Gerar & the Philistines of the Seacoast; Abraham Heschel: A Cabbalistic Commentary on the P... View more info

Yehezkel Kaufman Jubilee Volume - Studies in Bible and Jewish Religion Dedicated to Yehezkel kaufman on the Occasion of His

By: Haran,Menahem (Ed)

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Israel, Magnes Pr: 1960

Edition: In English & Hebrew.

Item #: 015937

ISBN: 114/158

title cont: Birthday. M. Greenberg: Some Postulates of Biblical Criminal Law; E.A. Speiser: Leviticus & the Critics; C.H. Gordon: David the Dancer; H.L. Ginsberg: Studies in Hosea 1-3; J.Bright: Date of Ezra's Mission to Jerusalem; M. Kadushin: Introduction to Rabbinic Ethics. HEBREW SECTION: I.L. Seeligmann: Prof Yehezkel Kaufmann; Biblio of Kaufmann's Writings; Y.M. Grintz: South-Western Border of the Promised Land; M. Haran: Symbolical Significance of the Complex of Ritual Acts Performed Inside the Israelite Shrine; Y. Gutmann: Ceremony of Bringing the First Fruits; J. Liver: Ransom of Half... View more info

Studies in Jewish Narrative - Ma'aseh Sippur - Presented to Yoav Elstein (Ma'aseh sipur: mehkarim ba-siporet ha-Yehudit

By: Lipsker,Avidov & Kushelevsky,Rella (Ed)

Price: $26.00

Publisher: Israel, Bar-Ilan Univ: 2006

Edition: 25 essays in Hebrew; 54 pp in English. Title cont: mugashim le-Yoav Elshtain.

Item #: 002039

ISBN: 54, 541

Midrash & Aggadah; Kabbalah, Hasidism & the Hebrew Enlightenment; Thematology of the Literature of the Jewish People; Modern Hebrew Literature. View more info

Sefer yovel mugash li-khevod ha-Rav Dr. Yisrael lo sheloshim shenot yetsirah ba-Torah

By: Maimon,Judah Loeb

Price: $38.00

Publisher: Israel, Mosad ha-Rav Kuk: 1962

Edition: In Hebrew. Elfenbein, 1890-1964, rabbi & talmudic scholar. title cont: uve-mada'.

Item #: 015463

ISBN: 256

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Migvan: mehkarim ba-sifrut ha-'Ivrit uve-giluyeha ha-Amerikaniyim: mugashim le-Ya'akov Kabakov bi-melot lo

By: Nash,Stanley (Ed)

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Israel, Habermann Inst for Literary: 1988

Edition: pub cont: Research. In Hebrew. Biblio. Index.

Item #: 000480

ISBN: 10, 519

Condition: Covers slightly soiled

title cont: shiv'im shanah (Migvan - Studies in Hebrew Literature in Honor of Jacob Kabakoff). Ruth Adler: Image of the Woman as Treated Symbolically by Agnon; Meir Ben Horin: Jabotinsky-Exemplar of Chivalry; Yitshak Ben-Mordechai: Distilled Realism of Reuben Wallenrod; Warren Bargad: 3 Zionist Monologues: Agnon, Hazaz, Oz; Isaac Barzilay: Motif of Departure & Return in Modern Hebrew Literature; Nurit Govrin: Demand for 'Americanism' & its Realization in Amer Hebrew Lit; Emanuel Goldsmith: Aaron Zeitlin's Poetry on the Hurban; Menuha Gilboa: America as Place, Metaphor & Symbol in 3 Israeli Nov... View more info