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The Book of Proverbs from the Authorized King James Version with an introduction by Robert Gordis and decorations by

By: Angelo,Valenti

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Heritage Press: 1963

Edition: Each page is a double sheet (double-fold). In slip case. Title cont: Valenti Angelo.

Item #: 007960

ISBN: not paginated

Book has: 8 sets of borders; 31 initial letters; 6 tailpieces; 1 title-page & 1 colophon. The Oriental motif on the front cover is stamped in genuine gold leaf. View more info

Nivim u-fitgamim mi-pi Yehude Luv ve-Tunisiyah (Aqwal wa-amthal min al-thaqafah al-Libiyah wa-al-Tunisiyah al-Yahudiyah)

By: Buhnik,Yosef

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Israel, Hotsaat 'Beer': 2000

Edition: In Hebrew. Proverbs in Arabic, Judeo-Arabic & Hebrew

Item #: 000269

ISBN: 191

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Rabbinische Anthologie, oder Sammlung von Erzahlungen, Sprichwortern, Weisheitsregein, Lehren und Meinungen der alten

By: Furstenthal,R(aphael) J(acob)

Price: $65.00

Publisher: Breslau, M. Friedlander: 1834

Edition: In German script. Furstenthal, 1781-1855. Proverbs, aphorisms & apothegms. Title cont: Hebraer.

Item #: 002672

ISBN: 16,384

Professionally rebound with new endpapers; old staining & slight foxing. View more info

Pitgeme Hazal be-haruzim: helek shel torah she-be'al peh ve-turgam bi-sefat Yehudit ba-haruzim

By: Gurwitz,Alexander Ziskind

Price: $22.00

Publisher: NY, Pardes: 1943

Edition: In Hebrew. Hebrew proverbs.

Item #: 001543

ISBN: 160

Condition: Covers discolored

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Or la-yesharim, kolel mishle hokhmah u-musar mi-metav divre hakhame ha-kedem ve-hakhame zemanenu, anshe mofet. Hibero

By: Steinberg,Joshua

Price: $39.00

Publisher: Vilna, Bi-defuss Sh. Y. Pin ve-A.T.: 1865

Edition: In Hebrew. pub cont: Rozenkrants. Epigrams & proverbs.

Item #: 000822

ISBN: 156/78

title cont: bi-leshon kitve ha-kodesh 'im he'arot me'irot le-haskil. Steinberg, 1825-1908, Hebrew writer, linguist & teacher. Government appointed rabbi in Bialystok & Vilna. View more info

The Hebrew Scriptures Reappraised - Volume I

By: Wanefsky,Rabbi David

Price: $19.00

Publisher: NY, Self-pub: 1955

Edition: Book of Psalms; Proverbs; Book of Job.

Item #: 003179

ISBN: 335

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