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Sefer Sekhel tov: derushim u-tehilim: perush...'al sefer Tehilim

By: Avihatsira,David

Price: $19.00

Publisher: Israel, ha-Makhon le-hotsaat: 1996

Edition: pub cont: sefarim she-'a.y. Yeshivat Ner Yitshak. In Hebrew. Avihatsira, 1865/6-1929. Psalms-sermons.

Item #: 000295

ISBN: 34, 560

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Netivot neviim...derushim...'al haftarot...ule-hagigat bar mitsvah metukan haftarat ha-shavu'a (Paths of Prophets

By: Blumenfeld,Meyer

Price: $18.00

Publisher: NY, Balshon: 1965

Edition: Vol 2 of 2 in Hebrew. Sermons.

Item #: 002105

ISBN: 218

title cont: Volume Two. Nsivos Nviym contains eighty-seven sermons on the 'Haftores' of 'Leviticus', 'Numbers' and Deuteronomy'. Based on a wide variety of sources the author develops the teachings of the prophets and the philosophical implication of the chapter assigned to the portion that is read each particular Sabbath), View more info

Simchas Olom (Everlasting Joy) Interpretation and Analysis: Jewish Holidays and Festivals in Accordance with our Modern

By: Blumenfeld,Meyer (Rabbi)

Price: $12.00

Publisher: NY, Twersky Bros: 1954

Edition: In Hebrew. Sermons. Title cont: Day Life.

Item #: 002286

ISBN: 392

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Sefer Nehamot Yisrael: derushim 'al seder parashiyot ha-shanah

By: Brenner,N(athan)

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Philadelphia, Self-pub: 1902

Edition: In Hebrew. Sermons.

Item #: 002329

ISBN: 39

'arukhim u-mesudarim me-iti Yisrael Nahum ben la-a.a. Shelomoh Zalman Aba ha-mekhuneh Brenner. Front fly leaf missing; rear hinge mended; corners bumped; top & bottom of spine bumped & frayed; edges of covers chipped. View more info

Otsar ha-ra'yon veha-mahashavah: kolel ra'yonot ve-homer li-derosh, le-farashiyot u-mo'ade ha-shanah ve-kuntres

By: Chayet,B.L

Price: $18.00

Publisher: NY, Ginsberg Linotyping: 1935

Edition: In Hebrew. Sermons. Me'et Dov Aryeh Hayat.

Item #: 002404

ISBN: 129

title cont: bahalakhah. ('Treasure of Jewish Thought and Ideas' by Rabbi B.L. Chayet of Boston). Covers slightly scuffed & soiled; flyleaves lightly browned; top & bottom of spine bumped. View more info

The Jewish Heart - Essays on Jewish Sensitivities

By: Cohen,Jack Simcha

Price: $19.00

Publisher: NJ, Ktav: 1985

Item #: 001967

ISBN: 217

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Midrash Eliyahu

By: Eliyahu ben Shelomoh Avraham, ha-Kohen

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Warsaw, bi-defus Yisrael Alapin: 1878

Edition: In Hebrew. Prof rebound. Sermons. Elijah ben Solomon, died 1729, one of the outstanding preachers of his time.

Item #: 001630

ISBN: 146

Condition: Small piece missing from front margin of title page, text not af

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Derush Pesah gadol

By: Emden,Jacob

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Brooklyn, Rabbi Mordche Rottenberg: 1950

Edition: In Hebrew. Passover sermons.

Item #: 002716

ISBN: 22 leaves

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The Torah Testifies - Essays and Sermons on Jewish Faith

By: Epstein,Reuben (Rabbi)

Price: $17.00

Publisher: NY, Feldheim: 1958

Edition: Rabbi in Coney Island, NY. Sermons.

Item #: 002393

ISBN: 178

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Derashot ha-ran ha-shalem: shelosh 'esreh derashot: 'im hosahot...'al pi kitve-yad u-defusim rishonim be-tseruf mavo,

By: Feldman,Leon A. & Nissim ben Reuben Gerondi

Price: $38.00

Publisher: Israel, Mosad ha-Rav Kuk: 2003

Edition: In Hebrew. Bible. Sermons.

Item #: 001310

ISBN: 42, 698

Condition: Front edge lightly soiled

title cont: tsiyune mekorot makbilot, shinuye nusha'ot maftehot/me-et Aryeh Leyb Feldman; 'im perush Be'erot Mosheh: 'iyunim he'arot u-ve'urim/ me-et Mordekhai Leyb Katsenelenbogen. View more info

Aison Schmuel: Contains thoughts, material and sermons for the high-holidays and other occasions (Sefer eitan Shemu'el:

By: Fine,Samuel M

Price: $12.00

Publisher: St. Louis, Salz & Gellman Pub: 1934

Edition: In Hebrew. Rabbi in Detroit. Sermons.

Item #: 002709

ISBN: 112

title cont: ra'yonot ve-hegyonot le-yamim noraim u-mo'adim). View more info

The Rabbi - The Man and His Message

By: Franklin,Rabbi Leo M

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Behrman's: 1938

Edition: 4 addresses by the rabbi of Temple Beth El, Detroit. Inscr.

Item #: 001376

ISBN: 122

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J. Leonard Levy - Prophetic Voice

By: Freehof,Solomon B. & Kavaler,Vigdor W

Price: $10.00

Publisher: PA, Rodef Shalom Cong: 1970

Edition: 1865-1917. Rabbi of Rodef Shalom, Pittsburgh, from 1901-1917. 2 evaluations, 18 lectures & 7 sermons.

Item #: 012963

ISBN: 233

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Nahlat Ya'akov, yekalkel derushim niflaim u-veurim nehmadim 'al Mikrae Kodesh ve-maamre Hazal. Uve-tseruf Sheerit nahalah

By: Friederman,Solomon Jacob

Price: $12.00

Publisher: NY, bi-Defus A.H. Rozenberg: 1914

Edition: In Hebrew. Sermons.

Item #: 002405

ISBN: 290

title cont: Nachlath Jacob, contains Sermons for Sabbath and holidays. Composed by the Rabbi of the United Congregations of Boston, Mass. Hinges open; covers scuffed; edges soiled. View more info

Sefer Helkenu be-toratekha: hidushim niflaim

By: Friedman,Erno

Price: $22.00

Publisher: NY, Va'ad le-hafatsat kitve yad: 1950

Edition: pub cont: shel admour Ba'al Tsevi hemed 'al yede talmidav u-ma'aritsav. In Hebrew. Commentary Pentateuch.

Item #: 002346

ISBN: 192

Condition: Top & bottom of spine pulled; front edge of covers small dent

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Apiryon 'asiti li:...le-va'er ketsat pesukim...

By: Ganzfried,Solomon ben Joseph

Price: $22.00

Publisher: Israel, 1963/64

Edition: In Hebrew. Previously pub: Ungvar, 1877. Homilies on the Pentateuch & on some aggadot.

Item #: 002043

ISBN: 176

Condition: Spine faded

Ganzfried, 1804-1886, rabbi & author. View more info

Sermons and Addresses

By: Gollancz,Hermann

Price: $25.00

Publisher: NY/London, Bloch/Unwin Bros: 1909

Edition: 1852-1930, rabbi. 1st English rabbi to receive a knighthood.

Item #: 016501

ISBN: 642

Top & bottom of spine pulled & frayed; gutters rough; corners bumped; front hinge mended; foxing to endpapers; edges lightly soiled; front edge small chip pp 431-440, repaired; covers slightly scuffed. View more info


By: Jellinek,Adolph

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Wien, Carl Gerold's Sohn: 1862/63

Edition: In German. 2 vols in 1. Sermons. Jellinek, 1820/21-1893, Vienna rabbi & scholar.

Item #: 002641

ISBN: 263/284

Condition: Title page soiled; bottom margin lightly soiled; light foxing

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Ruah ha-'et:...derushim...ha-nosim 'alehem hotam leumi. Tirgamti...Yehudah Koenigsberg.

By: Kaplan,Mordecai Aaron

Price: $18.00

Publisher: NY, Sinai: 1920

Edition: In Hebrew. Sermons. Kaplan, born 1889.

Item #: 002524

ISBN: 126

Rear hinge mended; top of spine pulled; spine wrinkled; corners bumped. View more info

Tevat Noah 'al Hamishah humshe Torah. Enthalt fiele vikhtige un interesante droshes (The Ark of Noah, a collection of sermons

By: Kaplan,Noah

Price: $27.00

Publisher: NY, 1944/46

Edition: In English & Yiddish. 2 of 5 vols.

Item #: 001518

ISBN: 68/120; 158

Condition: Top corner light wrinkling; some pages slight soiling

title cont: on the five books of Moses contains Orations for Weddings, bar Mitzvahs, Eulogies, etc. Numbers and Devarim). View more info