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Toldot ha-Yehudim be-Erets Yisra'el bi-tekufat ha-Mishnah veha-talmud - 2 Volumes

By: Alon,Gedalia

Price: $60.00

Publisher: Israel, ha-Kibuts ha-me'uhad: 1958-61

Edition: In Hebrew. In 2 vols. Biblio references & indexes.

Item #: 000056

ISBN: 382/279

Condition: Corners bumped

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Yisrael ba-'amim; 'yunim be-toldot yeme ha-bayit ha-sheni u-tekufat ha-Mishnah u-bi-yesodot ha-halakhah veha-imunah.

By: Baer,Yitzhak

Price: $34.00

Publisher: Israel, Bialik Inst: 1955

Edition: In Hebrew. Baer, born 1888, Historian.

Item #: 000168

ISBN: 144

Title cont: Israel Among the Nations: An Essay on the history of the period of the Second Temple and the Mishna and on the foundations of the Halacha and Jewish Religion. View more info

Musar ha-Mishnah

By: Ginzburg,Yehudah Leyb b.R. Dov

Price: $20.00

Publisher: St. Louis, Quality Printing & Pub: 1943

Edition: Vol 2 of 2 vols in Hebrew. Mishnah commentary.

Item #: 002232

ISBN: 308

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The Mishnah - Berakoth Peah Demai - Text with Commentary of R. Obadiah of Bertinoro - Translation Introduction and New

By: Herzog,Jacob David

Price: $18.00

Publisher: NY, Bloch: 1947

Item #: 001201

Condition: Spine worn; top & bottom of spine pulled

title cont: Commentary in English - Variant Readings References and Short Exegetical Notes in Hebrew by Fellows of Harry Fischel Institute for Research in Talmud, Jerusalem. Obadiah Ben Abraham Yare Bertinoro, c.1450-before 1516, Italian rabbi & Mishnah commentator. View more info

Masekhet Avot: 'im perush Yosef Ya'bets (ka-'et yotse le-or 'a.y. Zaydei Leshinski ve-Mordekhai Yitshak Hokhberg)

By: Jabez,Joseph ben Hayyim

Price: $26.00

Publisher: Brooklyn, 1951

Edition: In Hebrew. Commentary on Mishnah Avot.

Item #: 002220

ISBN: 156

Condition: End papers browning; top of spine bumped

Jabez, died 1507, Hebrew homilist & exegete. Wrote the commentary on tractate Avot pub in Constantinople, 1533. View more info

Musar Avot: beur mekor mada'i 'al masekhet Avot

By: Laiter,Mosheh

Price: $19.00

Publisher: NY, 1945

Edition: In Hebrew. Mishnah Avot commentary.

Item #: 002364

ISBN: 326

Condition: Edges lightly soiled; corners & top & bottom of spine bumped

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Bet ha-behirah 'al masekhet Halah, Shekalim, Tamid u-Midot / asher hiber Menahem b.R. Shelomoh le-Vet Me'ir ha-mekhuneh

By: Meiri,Menahem ben Solomon

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Israel, 1968/69

Edition: In Hebrew.

Item #: 001686

ISBN: 181

Condition: HUC library bookplate on front pastedown

title cont: ba-shem ha-Me'iri : yotse la-or zo ha-pa'am ha-rishonah 'a. pi. k.y. shebe-Sifriyat Palatina Parma, Italya'im mar'eh mekomot ve-he'arot 'a.y. Avraham Sofer. Meiri, 1249-1316, Provencal scholar & commentator of the Talmud. This is his chief work on the Talmud. He summarizes the subject matter of the Talmud, giving both the meaning & the halakhah derived from it. (EJ 11:1257). View more info

Perushe ha-Ribal le-masekhet Avot/me-et...Yitshak Ber Levinsohn;'erkhu ve-nisadru, be-tosefet

By: Neches,Solomon M

Price: $26.00

Publisher: NY, Bloch: 1944

Edition: In Hebrew. Preface in English with some underlining pp 1 & 2.

Item #: 001057

ISBN: 69

Condition: Slight discoloring to rear cover; bottom of spine bumped

title cont: he-arot u-mar'eh makomot...(Perushei haRIBaL L'Masekheth Aboth Commentaries on the Tract of Mishnah Aboth by the late (Rabbi) Isaak Bear Levinsohn Selected from his Works-Complied and Arranged with Notes and References) View more info