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The Jewish Community - Its History and Structure to the American Revolution

By: Baron,Salo Wittmayer

Price: $16.00

Publisher: PA, JPS: 1942

Edition: The focus of this work is centered on the European community of the Middle Ages & early modern times. Volume 2 only.

Item #: 000707

ISBN: 366

Condition: Top of spine frayed

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The Jews and Europe - 2,000 Years of History

By: Castello,Elena Romero & Kapon,Uriel Macias

Price: $11.00

Publisher: NY, Henry Holt: 1994

Edition: Numerous color illus. Rites & Customs; Art; Language & Literature. Biblio. Index of names.

Item #: 000404

ISBN: 239

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Hokhmat Yisra'el be-ma'arav Eropah (Hochmath Israel - Science of Judaism in Western Europe) Volume II

By: Federbusch,Simon (Ed)

Price: $38.00

Publisher: Israel, Ogen/M.Newman Pub House: 1963

Edition: In Hebrew. Biblio. References. Subject & author index to the Magyar zsido szemle.

Item #: 001247

ISBN: 414

Condition: Top corner bumped; minor marginalia in ink

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The Landmarks of a People - A Guide to Jewish Sites in Europe

By: Postal,Bernard & Abramson,Samuel H

Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Hill & Wang: 1962

Edition: Country by country & city by city. 32 pages of photos.

Item #: 013766

ISBN: 270

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New Lights and Old Shadows

By: Reiss,Lionel

Price: $25.00

Publisher: NY, Reconstructionist Pr: 1954

Item #: 000335

ISBN: 160

SIGNED. New lights of an Israel reborn. Old shadows of a vanished world. A selection of 210 paintings, watercolors, drawings & etchings by Reiss in color & black & white. Intro by Dr Cecil Roth. Part One: Impressions of Israel; Ingathering of the Exiles; Arab-Israeli War Ruins. Part Two: Portraits of Ghetto People and Places; In Memoriam- Tribute to the Martyrdom of European Jewry. View more info

Mosde erets

By: Schulman,Kalman

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Vilna, Y.R. Rom: 1874

Edition: In Hebrew. Rebound. Vol 5 of 9 ? Eropa. Studies of Europe, history, geography & Jewish life.

Item #: 000997

ISBN: 295

Schulman, 1819-1899, Hebrew writer. View more info

European Jewry - A Handbook - Communautes Juives d'Europe - Recueil

By: Stock,Ernest (Ed)

Price: $22.00

Publisher: Israel, Turtledove Pr: 1982

Edition: 19 essays in French & English. Biblio.

Item #: 001030

ISBN: 202

Condition: A lot of maginalia in pencil

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Vanishing Diaspora - The Jews in Europe Since 1945

By: Wasserstein,Bernard

Price: $14.00

Publisher: MA, Harvard Univ: 1996

Edition: Europe's shrinking Jewish population. Notes. Biblio. Index.

Item #: 000330

ISBN: 332

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The Architecture of the European Synagogue

By: Wischnitzer,Rachel

Price: $14.00

Publisher: PA, JPS: 1964

Edition: An interpretive story. From the Roman period; by area. 246 illus. Notes. Biblio. Index.

Item #: 015477

ISBN: 312

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