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'Amude shayish: kolel luah 'al arba me'ot ve-arba 'esreh shanah, mi-shenat, hameshet alafim ve-hamesh me'ot ve-shiv'ah

By: Scheinman,S.J

Price: $56.00

Publisher: NY, 1900

Edition: In Yiddish & English.

Item #: 001131

ISBN: 13, 113, 59,12

title cont: u-shemonim 'ad kelot elef ha-shishi.../ (Angmudai Shaish (Marble Pillars)) A Calendar for a Period of 414 Years, from 1826 to 2240. Containing in regular order the exact period of every New Moon's appearance, Sabbaths, Festivals and Scriptual Portions on each, also the Equinoxes of the Solar Year according to the prescribed and authorized Jewish Laws, corresponding with dates in common era. Carefully compiled from the works of Ancient Rabbinical Astronomers, with English and Yiddish annotations. Backstrip replaced; new endpapers with minor repairs to the front papers; corners bumpe... View more info