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Edition: In Yiddish.

Item #: 001018

1: 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner-Concert - Rachover Yugend Branch 581 Workmen's Circle, Sunday May 15th, 1966. 30 pp. 2: 10th Anniversary Workmen's Circle Cultural Center, December 1973 1619 South Roberston Blvd, Los Angeles. 30 pp. Covers soiled. View more info

34th Annual Report Cemetery Dept., Workmen's Circle - 1941 (34 yor Semeteri Department Arbeyter Ring 1907-1941)

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Publisher: NY,

Edition: In Yiddish, pp 128-154 in English.

Item #: 001000

ISBN: 154

Condition: Top & bottom of spine taped; covers slightly soiled

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35th Annual Report Cemetery Dept., Workmen's Circle - 1942 (35 yor Semeteri Department Arbeyter Ring 1907-1942)

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Price: $15.00

Publisher: NY,

Edition: In Yiddish, pp 102-176 in English.

Item #: 001013

ISBN: 176

Condition: Bottom of spine taped; top of spine bumped

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Di tsukunft - The Future - The Yiddish Monthly

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Publisher: NY, Forward Assoc:

Edition: In Yiddish.

Item #: 000241

2 issues: Vol. XLIV, No. 1; January 1939. 62 pp. Pages are yellowing & old damp staining; bottom corner some wrinkling Vol. XLIX, No. 2; February 1944. pp 67-128. Top & bottom corners bumped; writing on front cover. View more info

Dos Frenk Koyrk bukh (Frank C. Kirk)

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Publisher: NY, Yiddisher Kultur Farband: 1964

Edition: In English & Yiddish. 1889-1963 Born in Russia. Came to the US 1910. Painter. Pub cont: (YKUF) & Frank C. Kirk Book Committee.

Item #: 013549

ISBN: 15/97

Condition: Top & bottom of spine bumped; covers slightly soiled

14 black & white reproductions. View more info

Hesed le-Avraham : seyfer ha-yoyvel le-Avraham Golomb tsu zayn akhtsikstn geboyrn-yor / redaktirt fun Moshe Hizkuni-Shtarkman

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Publisher: Los Angeles, A.Golomb Yoyvl-Konitet baym: 1970

Edition: pub cont: Yivo. In Yiddish. Golomb, 1888-1982, Yiddish writer & educator. His ideology, 'Integral Jewishness', includes the

Item #: 000416

ISBN: 916

language, festivals, religious observances, family relationships & ideals of the Jews. View more info

Ilustrirte yon-tev bleter; far yonim-toyvim un a gants yor. (Jewish Pictorial Review) Vol. 1, No. 4-5 Spring, 1949

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Publisher: NY, Jewish Pictorial Review Asso: 1949

Edition: In Yiddish. Art & culture magazine; glossy paper.

Item #: 016338

ISBN: 74

Condition: Spine taped

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The Life and Uprising by the Warsaw Ghetto Inhabitants

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Publisher: Paris, Memorial to the Unknown: 1961/62

Edition: In Yiddish. Title page: The Glorious Memorial on Behalf of Polish Jews. pub cont: Jewish Martyrs.

Item #: 006984

ISBN: 47

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YIVO Bleter Jubilee Volume XLVI In Honor of Yivo's Fiftieth Anniversary 1925-1975

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Publisher: NY, YIVO: 1980

Edition: In Yiddish with English abstracts.

Item #: 016628

ISBN: 358

Condition: Corners & top & bottom of spine bumped

Arcadius Kahan: YIVO During its Vilna Period; Zosa Szajkowski: YIVO & its Founders: Exhibition Catalog; Dov Levine: Between Hammer & Sickle: YIVO in Vilna Under the Soviets; Joshua Fishman: YIVO in America; Dina Abramowicz: An Attempt to Create a National Bibiographic Center for Yiddish. Bibliographic Center & 'The Bibliographic Yearbooks of Yivo; Bella Haas Weinberg: YIVO Library: Methods & Principles of Cataloguing Pubs, Preparing Biblios & Servicing Library Users; Marek Web: On the History of the YIVO Archives; Mordkhe Schaechter: YIVO's Achievements in the Field of Yiddish. Preliminary Obs... View more info

Ya'akov Shayfer; ilustriter zamlbukh tsu zayn finf un tsvantsikstn yortsayt (Jacob Schaefer - A Tribute to His Memory)

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Publisher: NY, Jewish Music Alliance: 1962

Edition: In Yiddish with 14 pp in English. Schaefer, 1888-1936, composer.

Item #: 000973

ISBN: 190

Condition: Corners bumped; front cover light scratches

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Yiddisher Kemfer Vol. XXIX, No. 748, April 23, 1948

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Price: $10.00

Publisher: NY, Poale Zion Org:

Edition: In Yiddish.

Item #: 000245

ISBN: 95

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Dos Idishe likht

By: (Jung,Leo)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Brooklyn, 1920s

Edition: In Yiddish.

Item #: 002720

ISBN: 15

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Oysgeveylte verk

By: Aleichem,Sholem

Price: $17.00

Publisher: Moskve, Melukhe-Farlag fun: 1959

Edition: pub cont: Kinstlerisher Literatur. In Yiddish. Tsunoyfgeshtelt, Arn Vergelis; kinstler, G.A. Kraytsov.

Item #: 000928

ISBN: 374

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Sefer Otsar ha-Torah: derklert daytiekh yeder pasukh fun Hamishah Humshe ha-Toyreh un hamesh megiles ve-haftares mit

By: Alfes,Benzion

Price: $19.00

Publisher: Milwaukee, A. Spigil: 1953

Edition: In Yiddish. Commentary on Genesis.

Item #: 002130

ISBN: 158

Condition: Covers lightly soiled

title cont: fil mashalim un 18 perushim.(Otzar Hatorah a Commentary on the Bible). Alfes, 1850-1941, Yiddish & Hebrew writer. View more info

Habima. The Moscow Theatre 'Habima'

By: Ben-Ari,R.

Price: $40.00

Publisher: IL, L.M. Stein: 1941

Item #: 001827

ISBN: 404

Preface by Dr. A. Mukdoni. In Yiddish. Illus w/photos. Founded in Moscow in 1917. In 1926, the company left Russia & toured Europe & America until, in 1928, most of the actors went to Palestine. Inscr by Ben-Ari. View more info

Image for Dos Scholem-Aleykhem Bukh: oytobiografishe fartseykhenungen: ...mayes vegn im fun kroyuim un fraynt (Sholem Aleichem)

Dos Scholem-Aleykhem Bukh: oytobiografishe fartseykhenungen: ...mayes vegn im fun kroyuim un fraynt (Sholem Aleichem)

By: Berkowitz,Y.D. (Ed)

Price: $70.00

Publisher: NY, Sholem-Aleykhem Bukh Komitet: 1926

Edition: In Yiddish. Sepia engraving of Scholem Aleichem.

Item #: 014204

ISBN: 382

Berkowitz was Sholem Aleichem's son-in-law. Autobiographical notes; bibliographical materials; letters to family members, writers & friends; not-printed writings of his youth; his literary remains; photographs; facsimiles of manuscripts & letters. Yitzhak Dov Berkowitz, 1885-1967, Hebrew & Yiddish novelist, editor & translator of Scholem Aleichem. Top & bottom of spine frayed; rear hinge mended; edges a little rough. View more info

Dovid Edelshtat gedenk-bukh : tsum zekhtsikstn yortsayt, 1892- 1952 (David Edelstat Book on His 60th Memorial Year 1892-1952)

By: Bialostotzky,B(enjamin) J(acob) (Ed)

Price: $29.00

Publisher: NY, Edelstat-Memorial-Committees: 1953

Edition: 1866-1892. Yiddish-Russian socialist poet. Became romantic legend to young Jewish labor movement. In Yiddish.

Item #: 015564

ISBN: 624

Condition: Top & bottom of spine bumped

Index. Includes: Unaccompanied melodies. 'Dovid Edelshtats verk'. 'Di Dovid Edelshtat bibliografye fun Yefim Yeshurun'. View more info

R. Saadya Gaon: Zeyn Lebn un Shafn 882-942 (Rabbi Saadia Gaon His Life and Works

By: Broshi,Z. (Brzostowiecki,Z.)

Price: $20.00

Publisher: NY, Farlag Matones: 1945

Edition: In Yiddish.

Item #: 015722

ISBN: 174

Condition: Top & bottom of spine bumped; spine faded

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For the Sanctification of God's Name (Oyf kidesh ha-Shem: un andere dertseylungen)

By: Bryks,Rachmil

Price: $20.00

Publisher: NY, Y.Briks Bukh-Komitet mit der: 1952

Edition: pub cont: mithilf fun Dovid Ignatov Literatur Fond. In Yiddish. Short stories.

Item #: 002208

ISBN: 144

Condition: Front edge slightly soiled

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Gezang fun mayne teg

By: Bunyan,Zusman

Price: $15.00

Publisher: CA, Z.Bunin Bukh Komitet: 1950

Edition: In Yiddish. Bunyan, born 1890. Poetry.

Item #: 001772

ISBN: 159

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