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Derech Mitzvosecha

By: N/A

Price: $23.00

Publisher: NY, Kehot: 1996

Edition: In Hebrew. Explanations for the reasons of mitzvos.

Item #: 002604

ISBN: 590

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Sheelot u-teshuvot Meshiv davar

By: Berlin,Naphtali Zebi Judah

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Brooklyn, A. Kohn:

Edition: In Hebrew. 2 vols in 1. Responsa.

Item #: 002332

ISBN: 178

Berlin, (known as ha-Neziv), 1817-1893, one of the leading rabbis of his generation, & head of the yeshivah at Volozhin. View more info

Mi-gedole ha-hasidut - sefer 2 - Judah Aryeh Leib Alter

By: Bromberg,A.J

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Israel, Ha-Makhon le-hasidut: 1953

Edition: In Hebrew. Rabbis of the Gur dynasty. Vol 2 of 24 vols.

Item #: 000405

ISBN: 127

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Seder Hagadah shel Pesah: 'im perush Kol Yehudah

By: Daitsh,Hayim Yehudah Segal

Price: $30.00

Publisher: NY,

Edition: In Hebrew. Reprint of Satu-Mare 1937 edition pub by M.L. Hirsh.

Item #: 002530

ISBN: 212

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Sefer No'am Elimelekh

By: Elimelech, of Lyzhansk

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Brooklyn, Sifre Talmide Besh't ha-k: 1991

Edition: In Hebrew. Elimelech, 1717-1787, zaddik of the 3rd generation of Hasidism & one of the founders of Hasidism in Galicia.

Item #: 000297

ISBN: 109 leaves

Condition: Top corners bumped

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Tikune mikvaot lefi takanat Rabotenu: ...Seder Mekhirat hamets lefi takanat Rabotenu

By: Levin,Shalom Duber

Price: $24.00

Publisher: NY, Otsar ha-Hasidim: 1998

Edition: In Hebrew.

Item #: 000601

ISBN: 184

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Tiferet Maharsham: yipared li-sheloshah helakim: Sh. u-t. Maharsham...Hokhmat Yesha'yahu...'Ateret Yosef

By: Margolin,J. Joseph

Price: $19.00

Publisher: Szinervaralja, Bet Va'ad le-hakhamim Satmar: 1926

Edition: In Hebrew. Responsa.

Item #: 002320

ISBN: 71

Front cover off-center; top & bottom of spine pulled; corners bumped hard; hinges mended; pages & end papers have a wrinkle; bottom of front fly leaf stained; front edge soiled. View more info

Tzadikim un Chassidim. Chassidic Stories. (Saddiqim un hasidim: A zamlung hasidisema'asijjot)

By: Rothstein,Samuel

Price: $19.00

Publisher: NY, Twersky: 1951

Item #: 002367

ISBN: 272

Condition: Top of spine pulled; bottom of spine worn down

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Sefer Nahalat Yisrael

By: Ruzxhin,Israel & Bistritzky,Alexander S

Price: $22.00

Publisher: NY, ha-Merkaz le-Hotsaat Sifre: 1950

Edition: pub cont: Hisidut mi-Bet Ruzin. In Hebrew.

Item #: 002398

ISBN: 211

Ruzhin, 1797-1850, hasidic leader. Great-grandson of Dov Baer, the Maggid of Mezhirech. He moved to Ruzhin where he set-up a splendid 'court' & like his father, Shalom Shakna, lived in great luxury & unusual splendor. (EJ 14:526). Covers slightly soiled; top & bottom of spine & corners bumped; slight soiling to pastedowns. View more info

Seder tefilot mi-kol ha-shanah: 'al pi nosah ha-Ari

By: Shneur Zalman, of Lyady

Price: $25.00

Publisher: NY, Otsar ha-Hasidim: 1986

Edition: In Hebrew.

Item #: 000605

ISBN: 818

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Sheelot u-teshuvot

By: Shneur Zalman, of Lyady

Price: $23.00

Publisher: NY, Kehot, Ma'arekhet Otsar: 1988

Edition: pub cont: ha-Hasidim. In Hebrew. Responsa. Zalman, 1745-1813, founder of Chabad Hasidism.

Item #: 000598

ISBN: 494

Condition: Ink marks on bottom edge

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Sefer Divre Yisrael (Yisrael ha-Rav a.b.d. di-k. k. Modzits; huva li-defus ve-yotse la-or 'al yede beno Yitshak Tsevi)

By: Taub,Israel

Price: $24.00

Publisher: NY, Self-pub: 1930

Edition: In Hebrew. Vol I.

Item #: 002211

ISBN: 128

Condition: Front cover lightly scuffed & soiled; top & bot of spine pulled

Modzhitz, hasidic dynasty in Poland (family name Taub). Its founder was Israel of Modzhitz. He emphasized the value of music in Hasidism & is regarded as the creator of the hasidic melody as an art form. His son Saul Jedidiah Eleazar, combined Torah with music & popularized the Modzhitz melodies throughout the Jewish world. He edited & pub his father's sermons with his own in Divre Yisrael. (EJ12:208). View more info

'Atse hayim: 'al masekehet Gitin

By: Teitlebaum,Hayyim Zebi

Price: $19.00

Publisher: NY, 1947

Edition: edition cont: ha-sheniyah. In Hebrew. 2 vols in 1. Talmud commentary tractate Gittin.

Item #: 002374

ISBN: 52/21

Condition: Top & bottom of spine bumped

Hayyim Zevi of Sighet, born in the 1870s-1926, rabbi & zaddik. View more info

She'elot u-teshuvot Bet Av Kama

By: Yudelovitch,Abraham Aaron

Price: $26.00

Publisher: Satma'r, bi-defus L.Hirsh: 1929

Edition: In Hebrew. Responsa. Yudelovitch, 1850-1930. end papers.

Item #: 002619

ISBN: 268

Condition: Yellowing; 1 inch hole in text of last page; light spotting to

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