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Sefer ha-mo'admin: parshat mo'ade Yisra'el, 'arkam, giluyehem ve-hashpa'atam be-haye'am Yisra'el uve-sifruto mi-yeme kedem

By: Lewinsky,Yom Tov

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Publisher: Israel, Agudat 'Oneg Shabat (Ohel-: 1957

Edition: In Hebrew. Vol 7 of 8 vols. Seder Ta'aniyot, Hurban Bayit rishon ve-sheni, Tish'ah be-Av. Music. Photos.

Item #: 001458

ISBN: 452+

title cont: ve-'ad ha-yom ha-zeh. pub cont: shem) 'al yede Devir. Lewinsky, born 1899, Hebrew writer. Edited this series of books on the Jewish festivals containing a wealth of material from various sources. View more info